AvKARE's unique line of Infection Control products includes Waltz D Hard Surface Disinfectant, AmourGuard Hard Surface protectant, The Victory Electrostatic Sprayers and Waltz Free Hand Sanitizing Lotion.  Protecting your world and the Environment.

AvKARE Infection Control Products

AvKARE's unique line of Infection Control products that protect
everything from you face to the hard surface areas in you home
and place of business.

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AvPAK OTC Supplements

Since 2007, AvKARE's AvPAK supplements have been
an exhibition in quality and low price. Coming soon, the entire
AvPAK over the counter portfolio of products.

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Cramp Relief

AvKARE is proud to be
the exclusive distributor
of this revolutionary line
of cramp relief products.

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Inject Safe Barrier BandagesInject Safe Barrier Bandages


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