Allergies: Managing the Triggers That Cause Your Allergies

Allergies: While there is no cure to seasonal allergies, there are things you can do to avoid triggers that cause symptoms to flare up.

How to deal with allergies during a tough season:
1. Constantly check the pollen count High pollen counts worsen allergy
symptoms. The best time to be outdoors is right after a rain storm.

  1. Avoid extended time outside It is best to be outside in late afternoon or early evening. This is also a good time to exercise outside if though suffer from seasonal allergies. 
  2. Change out of your clothes immediately If you have spent time outside, be sure to change your clothes to help prevent dragging allergens throughout your home.
  3. Take allergy medication Many over the counter medications can offer relief on high-pollen count days!
  4. Allergy shots If OTC medications are or prescription allergy medications aren’t working, allergy shots may help!

Check out the article below for more detailed information and for how to manage your allergies with Baptist Health!